The Prophecies of Daniel & Revelation



You are invited to attend this free dynamic event on bible prophecy!

Starting Thursday March 2nd, 2023.
Time: 6:30 P.M.-7:45 p.m.
Address: 354 N. Spring St. Sparta TN 38583

THis Event will be running for the Month of March. It will begin on Thursday the 2nd of March and run till April 1st. After the first night (thursday), Metting will be held every Friday, Saturday, Sunday,  Tuesday, and Wednesday. Monday and thursday will be off nights (after the first Thrusday).

Meetings will begin at 6:30 P.M. from 6:30-6:45 will be health information provided by Alyssa Bahnmiller (BSN, HWC). After the health and wellness portion is over, then the Prophecy series will begin. Prophecy series will be held by Eric Bahnmiller (Evangelist, AFCOE ). 

Participants may sign up for free bible school coarses, for which diplomas will be awarded after completion. We will be giving away special edition bibles to Participants who make 80% of the meeting. It will be a kJV  study bible with concordance, with special prophecy cover.

Children are welcome. children (and infants) are welcome to stay with their mothers in the actual meeting or  There will coloring and activities for children who are able to be apart from parents in a side room. 

Pre-register below to Get a head start on this event. 



Nightly Topics Include:

  • The Greatest Prophecy in the Bible - Thursday Mar. 2nd
  • The Millennial Man - Friday Mar. 3rd
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice - Saturday Mar. 4th
  • The Coming King - Sunday Mar. 5th
  • The Magnificent Kingdom - Tuesday Mar. 7th
  • The Prince of Pride - Wednesday Mar. 8th
  • The Devils Dungeon - Friday Mar. 10th
  • The Final Firestorm - Saturday Mar. 11th
  • The Unchangeable Law - Sunday Mar. 12th
  • The Rest of our Work - Tuesday Mar. 14th
  • A Heavenly Model - Wednesday Mar. 15th
  • Cleansing the Temple - Friday Mar. 17th
  • Bowing to the Beast - Saturday Mar. 18th
  • Marked for Death - Sunday Mar. 19th
  • Bewitching Spirits - Tuesday Mar. 21st
  • The Woman of Truth - Wednesday Mar. 22nd
  • The River of Life - Friday Mar. 24th
  • The Daughters Deadly Dance - Saturday Mar. 25th
  • The Voice in the Wilderness - Sunday Mar. 26th
  • The Windows of Heaven - Tuesday Mar 28th
  • Babylon's Buffet - Wednesday Mar. 29th
  • Jar of Oil - Friday  Mar. 30th
  • Proving Prophets (Eric's Testimony) - Saturday Apr. 1st
  • The Goal of the Godly. - Saturday Apr. 1st.



Eric's Bio

Growing up in a Christian home, Eric developed a knowledge of God, but never a personal relationship with Him. Although he continued to go through the motions, he would slip more and more into the world and get caught up with the cares of life.  It wasn’t until discovering exciting truths in bible prophecy that his life changed. Eric says, “It’s amazing to me what God has done in my life and continues to do! It’s the same thing God can do in anyone’s life for those who will let Him.” Christ stated, “him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” (John 6:37). Eric now feels privileged and honored to be working with his wife and four children sharing the same exciting bible truths that changed his life.


Alyssa's BIO

Alyssa Bahnmiller is a Registered Nurse who spent the first six years of her career in the Emergency Department. During her time in emergency care she began to feel a call into lifestyle medicine and preventive care. She has since complemented her Nursing background by completing schooling to be a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She currently spends her time working in the home raising and educating her and Erics 4 children, ministering alongside Eric in the community and working in her church and community to educate toward good health and wholistic wellness. Her passion is for people to know that Gods desire is for them to have an abundant and rich life experience to His glory and that this can be realized physically, mentally and spiritually, when Gods simple methods for healing and wellness are followed.




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